Thursday, January 22, 2015

Exodus 14

Click below for free printable PDF versions:

Full Color or Coloring Page


  1. Tara, do you have a coloring page of this one? Exodus 14:14 is my favorite bible verse and i wanne add this in my bible.

    With love, Eveline

    1. That is so funny that you asked that. I was working last night on preparing coloring pages for Exodus and got on the computer this morning to work on it some more. For the first few pages that I did in Exodus I did not save a copy in black and white so I have to go in to the original picture and erase out the color in Photoshop. I should have a link to this one posted later today :)

    2. There you go Eve! It ended up being easier for me just to trace the original rather than remove the color in Photoshop. Enjoy!