Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Leviticus 18

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Full Color Printable

Free Coloring Page

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  1. I just wanted to say hi and tell you I ABSOLUTELY ADORE your drawings. I am so inspired now to do my own even though i cant draw a lick! I was wondering what you do these in? A book, journal, bible?

    1. Hi Kelly! You have no idea how fantastic that is to hear that you will be trying this as well! These particular doodles are done on just regular copy machine paper, a pen with waterproof ink and crayola watercolors, and then I put them in clear plastic sleeves in a three ring binder so that the kids can flip through the binder as much as they want without fear of ripping pages etc. No fancy supplies needed :) I doodle everywhere, in my bible, on scraps of paper, in composition notebooks (actually the very first one that I posted on this site . . . Exodus 11, I believe. . . was done in a composition notebook). Being able to draw is not a necessity! If the idea of doodling is intimidating then over on the sidebar there is a link to a blog called IQ doodle which offers a nice free class on how to doodle. Also if you have not checked out His Kingdom Come (also over on the sidebar) there is a lot of great info there and a nice community. So good to see you here and hope you have fun with this! Thank you so much for stopping by!