Thursday, October 8, 2015

Acts 24

Today we are studying Acts 24, following along with the Good Morning Girls reading plan.  I read the claims that they were making against Paul and just find it shocking the irrational hatred directed at him for the message he was speaking.  Since when is being a "pest" worthy of wanting someone dead?  I also found it really interesting that Paul clearly lived his life differently and it caused people to notice.  Felix the Governor kept coming back to speak with him as he kept him in custody for 2 years.  It says in the text that the things Paul said made him uncomfortable, yet he kept being drawn back to speak with him.  And the most important thing, even when people were trying to kill him, even when he was clearly making people uncomfortable, even though he was kept in custody for over two years he still kept speaking the truth :)

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  1. "just find it shocking the irrational hatred directed at him for the message he was speaking"

    We see this in our world today with ISIS and it is shocking. I am shocked every time I read on facebook and other websites posts proclaiming how "stupid" and "unintelligent" Christians are. Not to mention the posts that accuse believers of child abuse for raising their children to believe in God and what they call "fairy tales". And yet these same people raise their kids to believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy.

    Jesus never said following Him would be easy, in fact, He said to expect persecution in this life. We are blessed to live in America where we have been sheltered from most of this and where we can still claim to be shocked.