Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Job 2

Click below for free versions of today's doodle:

Coloring Page (PDF) (doodle only)
Coloring Page (PDF) (doodle and study notes)
Full Color (PDF) (doodle only)
Full Color (PDF) (doodle and study notes)


  1. Really like your study on this. The 3 friends spoke to me in this chapter as well as Job's integrity. God will somehow send comfort in situations, and I'm sure Job really appreciated just having them there. Very nice, Tara.

  2. Added to my OneNote and I gained one insight from yours that I added to my notes! Thanks!

  3. Your drawings are such a blessing to me. As I spend time coloring them and tracing your notes into the colors I use in my Bible I find myself slowing down to really listen to The Lord and hear what He has to say to me with this section of his word. Thank You so much for sharing your incredible gift.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Katie! It always makes me smile when I hear that people are able to find a use for these :)