Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Acts 2

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Doesn't it just make you smile to see how passionate the early church was?  There was a true sense of being brothers and sisters in Christ!  Do we feel like that today?

I have been lucky to find a church full of wonderful people that welcomed me right from the start.  I find that I am only close to a few people though.  This is no fault of theirs, but rather I tend to be shy and keep myself  to the sidelines.

At first glance they appear to be people that have it all together.  I have been amazed and blessed by their ability to share their faults and struggles before the congregation.  Instead of trying to pretend that everything is perfect, they share their burdens with their brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is a wonderful thing that happens when people are honest and share their problems with one another.  When they stumble,  they have a family who is ready to hold them up and help them back to the proper path.  They have people who will instantly draw alongside them and lift them up in prayer.

I wonder though, if they realize what a blessing they are to others when they are able to be vulnerable with one another.  They show me (you know me, the one hiding on the sidelines looking in) that it is ok to not be perfect.  And without knowing it, they are showing me what it means to be brothers and sisters in God's amazing family :) 

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  1. Love this Tara. Much of your thoughts mirror my own exactly. People like to hang on to the fact that church is just full of hypocrites and judgmental people without really understanding that church is actually full of normal human beings with all the normal imperfections. If more people would leave their "public" face at the door of their church, step over the threshold in truth...we'd see more church families gaining strength. We always need to remember that these people that we face each Sunday...these fellow believers...these are the people we will be spending eternity with. They are our brothers and sisters and as such...we can be honest with them and be vulnerable and we can expect their love and guidance in return. If we don't receive love and guidance in return, then that person has a bigger issue to overcome than any vulnerability I might have and then maybe we can help each other. Love this post sis!

  2. Thank you! Collecting collecting!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!!! Hide it under a bushel? NO! Let it shine!