Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Acts 3, What is in a Name?

Acts 3
Acts 3:16, Faith in His Name
Today we are in Acts Chapter 3 with Good Morning Girls!  I did my overall chapter doodle and then zeroed in on verse 16.

God has shared with us, His many and varied names.  Each name gives us a glimpse into His true nature.  Names such as, The Good Shepherd, Creator God, God Almighty, Lord of Hosts and I Am.  The list goes on and on.

But what a precious name is Jesus!  Savior!  It is faith in His name, the One who willingly died on the cross to wash us of our sins, and pay the debt we could never pay, that shows us what true love is.   It is faith in the name of the One who then rose 3 days later, that shows us what it means to live in hope.   It is in His name and under His authority that we can now have a relationship with our Father.

And it is faith in the name of Jesus that allows me to surrender to Him, and take up my cross and joyfully follow wherever He will take me :) 

Click below for free PDF versions of the doodle for Acts 3, including a coloring page and also  PNG elements file:

Acts 3 Full Color (PDF)
Acts 3 Coloring Page (PDF)
Acts 3:16 Full Color Bible Journaling page (PDF)
PNG elements file (Includes all the PDF downloads)

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